Project Management

Project name:Event at KwaDukuza – Liquor licensing
Project date:2012 – 11 - 12
Commencement time:09:00
Project sponsor:Department of Economic dev and tourism
Beneficiaries:Liquor traders and the public at large
Total target group:5000 plus
Project objectives:Clear understanding of liquor laws and new procedures
Stakeholders:Community leadership, local business
Service provider/s:Inono Events coordination

Project guide

Community marquee:This is a big marquee which must be completely erected a day before the event and must include chairs. Must have an opening for the community entrance and exit next to main entrance of the venue, entrance and exit for artist next to their performance stage, and an entrance and exit for VIP next to the holding room.
Certificate by an engineer is a requirement.
It must include:
> A stage to accommodate VIP’s, which must be at the front of the marquee
> If there are artist who will be performing, a performance stage is required which is usually adjacent to the VIP stage.
> Draping must be done for the stage
Community catering marquee:This marquee will be where the community caterers distribute their food parcels. This Marquee must be erected next to the venue entrance to allow4community to take their parcels before entering the main marquee. The security fencing must be in such a way that it disadvantage people to repeat food parcels.
> Must be big enough to accommodate the required number of community caterers
> Must have enough trestle tables to accommodate all the community caterers’ packages for counting.
VIP marquee:This marquee is for the VIP’s to have their lunch. It must include:
> A kitchen marquee erected next to the VIP marquee for the VIP catering, which must have an access door into the VIP marquee.
> Enough service stations to accommodate the number of VIPs
> A seating arrangement which will ensure that the VIPs are comfortable when having their lunch, usually round tables with chairs.
> Décor, table cloths an chair covers.
Holding room marquee:This marquee is where the dignitaries will meet before the event begins. This Marquee must be close to the main marquee entrance for VIP.
> Must be able to accommodate ±30 dignitaries
> Must have catering for tea, coffee, muffins etc
> Décor, table cloths and chair covers are required.
JOC marquee:This marquee will accommodate the South African Police Services (SAPS), EMRS and road traffic police. Emergency/ Disaster management team)
> Must be situated next to the VIP marquee and where the main community marquee is also visible.
> Atleast 2 trestle tables and 10 chairs
Community Toilets:> Toilets to accommodate the community.
> Toilets to accommodate people with disabilities for males and females.
> All toilets should include toilet paper.
> These toilets should be next to the main marquee at the back.
VIP toilets:These should be trailer toilets for males and females. Should also include toilet paper.
Another trailer toilet should be behind the holding room Marquee.
Fencing:Speed fence to cover the whole area where the event will take place. This speed fencing is also used to demarcate the venue inside, whereby VIP’s need to be protected.
Air conditioners (if req.)> Required for main marquee behind the stage
> Required in the holding room
> Required in the VIP marquee
Community catering:A number of community caterers will be required to cater for the community. They all will be given the same specific menu to prepare. Quality and quantity will be inspected by designated officials and the events management company.
> An inspection must be done before people start to flock inside the venue.
> The number/quantity to be provided by the caterer and the quality/ specification to be provided should be thoroughly inspected.
VIP catering:There will be one caterer that will cater for the VIP. They will provide a full course meal.
The cater must be a credited company to provided food services and his/her kitchen and food will be inspected for cleanliness. The cater needs to also provide a menu and atleast one waiter/waiters for each table, and minimum two for the Minister’s table.
Sound system:The sound system will be needed in the main marquee
> Sound system for the whole audience to be able to hear
> Industrial generator
> Cordless Microphones and stands
> A technician must be available on site for emergencies.
Stage:VIP stage id required for a number of people depending on the clients needs. The stage must be strong enough and have steps for climbing up. Drinks and water should be served. This stage must be at the middle front, with a podium. A performance stage may also be needed, which must be place adjacent to the people.
Live feedback & video recording:For main marquee
> Light focused on VIP stage
> Light focused on performance stage
> Sufficient light for marquee
> Flat screen television sets for audience
> Video recording for achieves purposes.
Accreditation lanyards:These accreditation lanyards will be worn to ensure security and ensure that everyone is where they are suppose to be. They are worn by VIP’s, the media, the service providers and the general staff/officials.
Wrist bands:Wrist bands will be given to the community when they arrive to ensure security and for limitations. This avoids stampedes mainly on shows.
Security:Arrangement of local policing is very crucial. A security personnel from the Department and the service provider should brief the police about the whole event atleast a week before. Marshals should be briefed of their responsibilities.
Signage:These will be posted on the street showing directions of where the event is taking place. Signage is mostly required to be placed from 5 kilometer radius of the venue. Visibility is crucial, which is the reason they should be A2 and above.
Transport:Buses will be needed to transport people from their areas to where the event will be taking place and back.
> Prior co-ordination of buses is required, whereby the consultation with community leaders is required to ascertain routes.
> A bus company should be given a route 2 days before the event.
> It is also important to assign co-coordinators for each bus, to ensure the bus collects relevant people from a designated venue.
> The events management company should also ensure the register for buses is signed to ensure that all buses contracted actually collected people and will also deliver them back.
Loud hailing:A service provider will be hired to loud hail to the community before the event. This should be done in 3 or 4 days prior to the event and must continue up until the day of the event.
Waste DisposalThe cleaning up of the venue is important, and this must be done immediately after an event is over.
Consultation MeetingsThe event management company has to schedule a consultation meeting with community leadership and the Department to ensure the smooth running of the event.
> The purpose of the event should be outlined as well as the detailed logistics
> Community leadership should be engaged in making relevant input towards the progressiveness of the event.
> The first meeting should be conducted atleast a week before the event, and other meetings to follow as per agreements.